Dr. Tamara is amazing! She cares about each patient! She will make sure everyone is able to get the treatment and care that they need! If it weren't for her and her amazing staff I would nit be able to funtion daily! I have had to call on her on non office hours and she is still willing to help! She is a true servant to others!

    M. A.

    Dr. Tamara Slusher has been the only Dr. that has decreased and nearly eliminated my migraines. She teaches how to prevent injuries and proper exercises to feel better and for better posture. And she listens to her patients. No other chiropractor that I have been to has done this! She is  pretty impressive!


    I've been to 7 chiropractors over 12 years and this is the best chiropractor I've ever been to. Short wait time, polite and helpful receptionists, and a great chiropractor.

    A. B.

    Dr. Tamara keeps me walking, she puts my hips back into place when they go out, kept me from having a Titanium Plate put in my neck, puts my ribs back into place when they pop out, stops acid reflux when it flares up, gets rid of my sinus headaches, puts my shoulders back into alignment, (after I over use them) omits the knots in my shoulders that hurt sooo bad, and keeps my hands mobile. When I first arrived 2 years ago, I was walking with a limp, couldn't sit, couldn't sta...nd, did things on


    This months testimonial focuses on child/infant adjustments. Does my child need an adjustment? Will it help with my child's/infants individual problems? The answer is YES! Most people are unaware that through the birthing process( cesarean or natural birth) a newborn babies spine becomes misaligned, causing problems that most doctors treat with medication. Is your child spitting up a lot? Has the doctor diagnosed them with acid reflux?( A common diagnoses to infants) Did you know it is possible


    We like to hear patient testimonials on how Chiropractic changed soneone's life without the use of drugs or surgery!This month's testimonial comes from a patient who joined us in October 2018 with severe sciatic pain that traveled down her leg to her knee."Nothing helped me at all. That's when I decided to come to this office. Recommended by a friend that comes here. This was the worst pain I have ever been in, I couldn't sit, stand or lay down for any amount of time. 

    Betsy R.

    Another fabulous patient testimonial! Mary has experienced the benefits of chiropractic since the age of 24 years old, after watching her husband receive one. She had always suffered with headaches and decided to try chiropractic, she says after her neck adjustment her headaches were instantly gone! She was introduced to our office through our booth at the Clare County Fair. " I was "broken" to the point if needing help. I hadn't had an adjustment in about 1.5 years, her last adjustment through

    Mary J.

    This testimonial comes from a patient who was suffering from sciatic nerve pain. Your sciatic nerve is a nerve that begins in your lower back and runs down through your hips, buttocks and down your leg. Disruption to this nerve caused by a subluxation can cause radiating pain, burning and sometimes numbness. Jody had considered chiropractic in the past but was very skeptical of the outcome. " When I first came into Mission Chiropractic I was in pain pretty much everywhere. My lower back and sciatica.

    Jody C.

    This Patient Testimonial focuses on sinus adjustments. This patient has been under Chiropractic care since she was 18 years old and has enjoyed living a life free of subluxations. Finding the right Chiropractor is not always easy and sometimes patients have a lapse in care. "When I first came into the office I was exhausted from pain and feeling like there was no relief. Prior to coming in I tried heat, ice and medication, all of which only provided a short term relief for my ailments. 

    Rose D.

    I was taking medication everyday for my GERD(Gastroesophageal reflux disease)." I first found chiropractic from the fair last year. I was talking to one of the office ladies about Chiropractic, when she mentioned GERD. How she had it and how she no longer took medication for it and it due to chiropractic adjustments. Along with GERD, my hips were constantly sore, sometimes so bad I couldn't move or bend. Within a month or two I began noticing improvements to my overall health.

    Charmaine F.

    I first found out about chiropractic 7 years ago. I was miserable with back pain and neck stiffness. The pain was making everyday life unbearable. I was always miserable and sore. I was under physicians care at the time I discovered chiropractic, there was never any concrete answers or solutions, just test after test. With no answers from my doctor I decided to give chiropractic care a chance and it has changed my life! Not only can I do more than I could before, I dont feel miserable with pain

    Elizabeth P.

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